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Agriturismo Al Colle - Who we are

Who we are

Many visitors ask us why we define ourselves as an “agriturismo” if we do not have a restaurant, which is considered normal for an Italian family owning a farm holiday. Well, Al Colle is related to agritourism because agricultural activities are the core of our farm, in particular, we are wine producers and members of the cooperative winery located in Negrar (
We have decided to add value to this main activity and dedicate ourselves to the tourism industry which allows us to share our love for nature with the visitors and let them know how amazing our territory is. As grapes cannot grow without vines, nor can our tourism activity without wine and work in the fields.

You will find Katia and Marco welcoming you, they work at the agriturismo with passion and willingness to make the guests feel as cozy as in their homes. There are Katia’s family members helping, each of them giving his/her personal and unique contribution to the continuous improvement of the enterprise, which flourishes under their care and dedication. “Behind the scenes” is the rest of the big family: Grandma Marisa makes delicious jams all homemade for your breakfast, Uncle Andrea and Grandpa Mario care the vineyards that surround the farm, and Katia’s mum Stefania helps with her attention to details.

Al Colle is all of this and much more.